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Santa letters for Kids
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Santa letters for Kids - Choose Your Design

Santa Letters for Kids

Here at Santa Letters for Kids we aim to make designing your child’s special Christmas letter as simple as possible.

There are four designs to choose from meaning you can select a letter appropriate for your child’s age range. It also means if you are sending more than one letter each child gets their own personal greeting from Santa!

Next you need to complete the fields:

  • Your child’s name
    Just your child’s first name is fine.

  • Whether your child is a boy or a girl
    This is so Santa can congratulate your child on being such a good boy or girl this year!

  • Home Town, City or Village
    For a little extra personal touch we’d like to add your child’s home town, city or village. You could also opt to enter your street name here E.g. Hope Street or Spring Close.

  • Special Achievement
    This is a space for you to congratulate your child on something special they have achieved in the last year. It could be something very specific E.g. Completed your grade two violin or something more general E.g. Worked really hard to improve your spelling. Always make sure when you check your letter that the sentence reads correctly.

  • P.S
    This is your chance to add in a very special additional message from Santa. You could use this space to include someone else in the letter E.g. Wish your brother, Alex, a very Merry Christmas from me! Or Give your dog, Sammy, an extra-special Christmas hug from me!

  • Signature
    Some children know him as Santa and others as Father Christmas. Here you can choose who your letter is signed by.

  • Present
    Here you can personalise your child’s letter further by entering any special present they have asked for this year E.g. A new scooter. If your child is quite small or hasn’t asked for a specific present just enter something more general E.g. A very special present or Lots of presents. Always make sure you check your letter carefully to ensure the added text reads correctly.

Problems personalising your letter? Contact our team and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.